Just Wear a Nice White Blouse

Every eager young businesswoman of my generation knew that the only way to get a job or be taken seriously was to buy a plain blue or grey suit and a nice white blouse.My mother always told me “you can’t go wrong with a nice white blouse.”

I really look lousy in blouses and especially in white. The idea of wearing a suit gives me a rash. Thank God the world has changed. Thank God I no longer have any desire to be an eager young businesswoman. I really tried to wear the blouse. I tried to fit the mold. I tried to be successful. Truth is, I just never gave a damn. All that ever got me was 20 years of psychotherapy and more years than that wishing life would just fucking end already.

Ever read a self help book? Ever tried to embrace some wise person’s teachings? I can tell you from first hand experience that each person has their own prescription for life and that prescription really only works for him or her. Sure there are common wisdom and general themes but your life can only be lived in your skin. That nice white blouse will never fit you any better no matter how much money you spend on it or who your tailor is.

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