To Shave or Not to Shave

It’s been months since I shaved my legs and pits. Before that it was months. In fact over the last year I’ve probably only shaved a half dozen times.

I have fine blonde (now some grey) hair and it really isn’t terribly noticeable and I’ve been living in fairly cool places so this isn’t exactly reactionary. But today I decided that I really don’t know whether I want to shave anymore at all. As strange as it seems I never really considered that this was a choice I could make. For all the typical societal reasons I never thought that something “unattractive” was acceptable. In fact shaving your legs is just an extreme form of the nice white blouse.

Can I pull it off? I’m going to a hotel with a pool and hot tub in a week or so. Typically that would be my cue to shave. Can I be comfortable wearing a bathing suit with pubes sticking out at the crotch and a fine furry armpit? Well that is the question. And if I’m not comfortable is it necessary to try to make this a point on which I declare my freedom?

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 12/23

Shaved. Had the time to soak in a hot bath and couldn’t overcome 45 years of social conditioning. Guess I won’t be dying on this hill🤦🏼‍♀️


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