Lightning Strikes

Does anyone else find that ideas come like lightning out of a cloudy dreary sky? For me, time spent waiting for inspiration goes by like one dreary day after another. This goes on for long periods of time until I honestly believe that I will never have an inspiration again and I may as well give up.

Then flash! It’s often a word or phrase that hits me with the power of a bolt of lightning and suddenly my brain opens and ideas pour in. It can even be overwhelming to the point where I have trouble keeping the ideas sorted out. It’s like the sun comes out and suddenly I can see for miles where just the day before I could barely see beyond my nose.

It is like this all the time. Over the past couple of years it has happened several times and I have finally decided to just go with it and follow my vision. In the past I have tried to fit those inspirations into my ordinary and then watched my ordinary swallow them up.

Now I have the heart to just open up the computer and start learning what I need to know about how to make this idea a reality. Minimalism?  Done.  Travel?  Doing. Business…well this is just the next step and I’m excited that after waiting more than a year I finally had my lightning strike and a vision to follow.

Allie Oops!


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