2017 Day One

#1 Try something new every week

This is NOT a resolution. Doesn’t everyone say that now? We are all so tired of breaking our resolutions and feeling like a failure in the first week of the new year. ThisĀ is really just my new life.

At the end of last year I realized that I needed to rest my brain. For all the awful crap that happened in 2016, my travels and experiences were pretty awesome. In November my brain came creaking back to life. It may have lurched around a bit like Frankenstein on his first road trip, but now it seems to be awake and firing on all cylinders.

So on January first, I had to try something new. I drove a our new car with a manual transmission. I may have failed miserably at this when I was 16 but I’m a grown up lady now. We bought the car last week and I agreed that I had the nuts to do this. I gave myself no out on this one. But even though I worked all day and it was getting dark, I got behind the wheel and lurched around the campground.

I bet Frankenstein never wore a nice white blouse.