Living the Dream

Last week I attended my first Seller’s Conference. I’ve only been doing this selling thing for a couple of months and everyone else there had a ton more experience. This was both good (lots of cool ideas and tips) and awful (oh my God, how will I ever be able to do all this).

I was grateful to meet a couple of people who answered my questions and also to hear many of my ideas and thoughts validated even though I have no idea exactly how I’m going to make them a reality. Ok, not true. I do have a Metric Ton of ideas but too many ideas is as paralyzingly as having none at all.

One person I met gave me some legal advice on my trademark. After that we just started gabbing about life and when I described our full-timing lifestyle he got very excited. Wow, he said “you’re living the dream!” Then he asked if I would do an interview for his seller’s blog.  Never being known for my shy and retiring approach to life, I said sure.

So today I spent an hour chatting with a lovely writer who wanted to know all about my “dream life”. My choice to sell on Amazon is really only about having the freedom to keep living a completely self directed life. But I am making different choices than the typical Amazon entrepreneur. I am choosing to build a brand and to really try to meet the needs of people I like and care about. Sure, I need to make a living but I have no desire to make a fortune. In fact, chasing money is exactly the opposite of what I am doing in my life.

Like with any life, there are a million ways to approach it and they are all right. My dream life looks ridiculous to many people. I don’t want a 43 foot motor coach with 3 slides and a fireplace. I want a tiny house on wheels that I can pack up in 2 hours and go anywhere. I want to be self sufficient but never rich. I want to be bursting at the seams with ideas and challenges. I want to try and fail and try again. The failing part is optional and not preferred of course.

So I guess I am living the dream. I’m living my dream. Tomorrow we leave our winter job in Virginia and go back on the road. We are heading to Arizona where we’ll spend the summer in the mountains but along the way we’ll visit some more national parks and enjoy the beauty of spring in the desert. It’s funny how anything can become normal to you. I’m grateful to the gentleman at the conference who reminded me that our life is the dream. It reminded me to be grateful.



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