Be Optimistic Even to the Point of Delusion

This morning I found one of those memories on Facebook which included an article with this line. I am continually amazed by how often I read or hear the words I need to hear. The rest of the article was basically the same old same old.. gratitude, money doesn’t make you happy, etc. I see that stuff all the time, but Optimism as a cultivated attitude is magic that is easy to forget and powerful beyond words.

I launched my first product on Amazon a couple of months ago. I decided in December to give this a try. In January I got the product delivered. In February I got my inventory to Amazon and began selling. In March I sold 70 units. My goal was to learn so I launched an inexpensive product and decided I would do whatever and spend whatever was needed to learn the process and determine if it is a successful business model.

The product is selling and sales are increasing. The competition however is huge. I’m totally intimidated almost to the point of paralysis every time I look at the listings and see how many people are doing exactly what I am doing. The initial energy to do this is spent. I learned just enough to see how much more I will need to learn and how time consuming that is. The what if’s are assaulting me.

Then I read this comment and remembered how cultivating optimism saved my life when depression almost killed me. When you are depressed all hope is a delusion.  When you are in love, you are mildly deluded by the absolute perfection of that person. When I got my business idea(s) I fell in love with them and they seemed destined to be wildly successful.

Now I have to remember that even though love and hope in the face of hard reality are essentially delusions, they have power. When I choose to believe without hesitation in the power of optimism it has never let me down. After all, I have not succumbed to depression in over a decade. I am just as in love with my husband as I was 20 years ago.

Now I need to believe that the excitement I felt about starting this business coupled with the success I am slowly building on my trial product proves that my optimism for its success is fully justified. It may feel like I’m deluding myself, but delusions keep us going and persistence is what creates success.